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Intergraph Smart P&ID
7 (2014)
  1. In Data Dictionary Manager, do the following:

    1. Click Select Entry.

    2. From Selected list, select Heat Trace Medium.

    3. On the last row, enter information in the Value and Short Value columns.

    4. Click Save .

      Refer to the Modify a Select List Entry topic in Data Dictionary Manager Help for more details about modifying a select list.

  2. After adding the new entry in the select list, open Options Manager and click Tracing .

    The new heat tracing medium will now be displayed in the Tracing Media list.

  3. From the Tracing Media list, locate the new media and click the Style box.

  4. Select a new heat tracing style from the list.

  5. Click Save .

  • To designate a particular heat tracing medium as a double heat trace or jacketed heat trace, in Options Manager, click Settings and add the heat tracing media to one of the following:

    • Add heat tracing media designated as double to the Heat Tracing Media - Double Heat Trace row, with each value separated by a comma.

    • Add heat tracing media designated as jacketed to the Heat Tracing Media - Jacketed Pipe row, with each value separated by a comma.

  • Any changes made to a heat trace medium in Options Manager will not be reflected in any drawing in which that heat trace medium was already assigned to an item. For changes to be reflected in the drawings, you must run the Update Drawings command first.  For details, see the Update Drawings Command topic in the Drawing Manager User's Guide.