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SmartPlant® P&ID Options Manager controls the look and feel of the design software and controls much of the data used throughout the life of a plant. For example, you can define how particular drawing items appear in drawings by selecting colors, line styles, gapping styles and heat tracing styles for the plant.

Using SmartPlant P&ID Options Manager, you can identify the location of symbols, rules, and labels. You can also define symbology for graphics, default formats for data, and key distances that affect the behavior of the design software.  Any changes made using Options Manager apply to all drawings and well as Projects in the plant.

You can customize several different options.

Symbology — controls the look of items.

Gapping — controls the style of gaps used.

Heat Tracing — defines the available display for heat tracing.

Formatting — specifies default formats used throughout the plant.

Default Distances — specifies basic distances used throughout the plant.

Default Reference Settings — controls where and how reference data is stored.

Usually, an administrator sets these options when a plant is created. The administrator can later modify these options when plant requirements dictate a change.

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