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SmartPlant Markup Plus Retired Installation and Setup

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10.0 (2019)

The following configuration tasks are required for configuring the retired SmartPlant Markup Plus Server to use secure connections (SSL) for Web Client. Brava! Enterprise Server is a third-party component of the retired SmartPlant Markup Plus Server. It is required for rendering files for viewing in Web Client.

Brava! Enterprise Server, Apache Tomcat, and SSL

Brava! Enterprise Server requires Apache Tomcat web server. Specific configuration is required to use the Apache Tomcat web server in an SSL environment. If you plan to configure your server for SSL, you must configure the Apache Tomcat connection accordingly.

  • These instructions describe how to configure Apache Tomcat to use a personal information exchange (PFX) certificate. Your steps may vary depending on the type of certificate being used. For complete details, please refer to the Apache Tomcat documentation at

  • If discrepancies exist between this document and Apache Tomcat documentation, the Apache Tomcat documentation is considered correct.