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SmartPlant Markup Plus Version
10.0 (2019)


  • SmartPlant Markup Plus 2019 Service Pack 1 delivers 16.6.1 versions of OpenText Brava! Desktop, Blazon Enterprise, and Brava! Enterprise. This does not include OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) software. For more information, visit the OpenText website. (CR-AM-153230)

  • SmartPlant Markup Plus 2019 Service Pack 1 supports OpenJDK 11, OpenJDK 13, and Java SE Runtime Environment 8 (64-bit) installations. For more information, see the hardware and software recommendations for SmartPlant Markup Plus Server (retired). (DI-AM-151084)

  • When silently installing SmartPlant Markup Plus Server, you must use all caps when specifying the SERVERPASSWORD parameter name. For more information, see Required silent install parameters under Install SmartPlant Markup Plus Server in Silent Mode (retired). (TR-AM-146116)


  • TR-AM-100017 Incorrect display of Microstation file contents

  • TR-AM-100210 Not able to perform "Publish to pdf" successfully for specific PDF file

  • TR-AM-104057 Watermark/label with special characters (non-Hexagon file types) do not print correctly

  • TR-AM-125042 Specific DGN files not opening

  • TR-AM-132605 Generating alternate rendition fails for specific files

  • TR-AM-140481 PDF/CSF generation from the command line fails for files with &# in the name

  • TR-AM-138854 Fonts for some CAD files display with a thicker weight than native application

  • TR-AM-143697 Viewing a generated PS file of Hexagon file type is missing content & labels

  • TR-AM-144495 Lines missing when viewing specific SHA file

  • TR-AM-145580 An error is registered in Event Viewer when viewing a Word file

  • TR-AM-146111 "Publish to pdf" of a specific PDF file generates pages with reduced fidelity

  • TR-AM-146628 Certain AutoCAD drawings cannot be viewed

  • TR-AM-148686 Not able to view a specific PDF file

  • TR-AM-148908 AutoCAD files have unexpected colored rectangles in titleblock area

  • TR-AM-149667 Some text boxes in a specific PDF file are unreadable

  • TR-AM-151332 Error while opening files with many references placed in the same location

  • TR-AM-151359 PDF created from a dwg file does not display correctly

  • TR-AM-155682 Specific PDF file fails to display

  • TR-AM-157103 Drawing border and font thickness for a specific PDF is too large

  • TR-AM-157816 Embedded DWG border file does not display in .pid file on some machines