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10.0 (2019)

SmartPlant Markup Plus provides view, print, and markup capabilities for Hexagon PPM file formats. When integrated with the Desktop Client, SmartPlant Markup Plus provides hotspotting and dynamic navigation of certain file types for added information gathering and data evaluation.

  • SmartPlant Markup Plus in the Desktop Client

    When integrated with the Desktop Client, SmartPlant Markup Plus is connected to a document management system. This is a typical client-server model. The client makes a file open request through a query to the document management system. The system simultaneously opens the file using SmartPlant Markup Plus. Dynamic navigation and hotspotting are available in addition to view, print, and markup functionality. Markups are securely stored and managed as separate markup files related to the file.

  • Stand-Alone SmartPlant Markup Plus

    In stand-alone mode, SmartPlant Markup Plus is not connected to a document management or file storage system. Standard Windows dialog boxes or UNC paths are used to locate the file for opening in SmartPlant Markup Plus. View, print, and markup functionality is available, but dynamic navigation and hotspotting is limited. An information management system is required for dynamic navigation and hotspotting. Markups are securely stored and managed as markup layers on the original file.

Key Capabilities of SmartPlant Markup Plus

SmartPlant Markup Plus provides a number of features when integrated with the Desktop Client. These features work together to create a versatile application.

  • Detail File Viewer

    Displays information from an opened file as well as any applicable resource or markup files that provide annotations and comments for the opened file.

  • Thumbnail Viewer

    View and manipulate thumbnail images of files in your system or on your server.

  • Mini Overview window

    Displays a scaled-down version of any active image in a separate window. As you manipulate the image in the Detail File Viewer, you can access this complete image for comparison.

  • Markup layers

    Comment on or annotate a file without changing any of the information in that file. A markup layer works like a clear sheet over the file; you may write on it, draw on it, or attach symbols, text, audio, and video clips. All of this information is saved in one or more markup files that may be displayed or removed as you wish.

  • Viewing of Hexagon PPM file formats

    Allows you to view and annotate Hexagon PPM file formats, including SmartSketch (.igr), Smart P&ID (.pid), SmartSketch (.sma), Smart Electrical (.spe), Smart Orthographic Drawings (.sha), Aspen Basic Engineering (.zyq), Smart 3D (.zvf), and Smart Review (.vue).

  • Hotspotting

    Allows you to link a section of one file directly to another section of the same file or to another section of a different file.

  • Web accessibility

    Allows you to view files through your web browser.