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Hexagon PPM File Formats

For information on how to view Hexagon PPM file formats in Web Client, see Configure viewing for Hexagon PPM file types.

Smart 3D model file formats are only supported when SmartPlant Markup Plus is integrated with SmartPlant Foundation.

2D drawing file formats

Smart 3D model file formats

SmartSketch (.igr)

Smart 3D (.zvf)

Smart P&ID (.pid)

Smart Review (.vue)

SmartSketch (.sma)

Smart Electrical (.spe)

Smart Orthographic Drawings (.sha)

Aspen Basic Engineering (.zyq)

What happened to the list of third-party file formats?

Starting with SmartPlant Markup Plus 2019 Service Pack 2, SmartPlant Markup Plus is now a client-only product. The client can be used as a standalone product or for viewing and marking up of Hexagon PPM file formats in the Desktop Client.

SmartPlant Markup Plus Server and all of its third-party View and Markup components are no longer delivered. For a list of supported third-party file formats using the components delivered with SmartPlant Markup Plus versions 2019 SP 1 or prior, see Supported non-Hexagon PPM file formats using OpenText products (retired).

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