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SmartPlant Isometrics Installation

Intergraph Smart Isometrics
Installation & Upgrade

The SmartPlant License Manager Checkout utility only supports checking out licenses for SmartPlant Isometrics. You cannot check out a license for SmartPlant Spoolgen.

  1. Make sure SmartPlant License Manager (SPLM) is set up on your computer.

  2. Click Start > Programs > Intergraph SmartPlant License Checkout Utility > License Checkout Utility.

    License Checkout Utility Dialog Box

  3. In the Application Group list, select your product.

  4. In the Available Modules list, select the module to use.

  5. If required, select an expiration from the License Expiration list, and then click Check Out. The minimum length of time you can have a license checked out is for approximately 24 hours. You can cut this time down to approximately 12 hours if you check out the license just before mid-day. For product-specific check out information, refer to the installation guide provided with your product.

  • When running in remote license mode, do not use setup to modify the product installation until the following conditions are met:

    • The checkout duration expires.

    • The system is working with SmartPlant License Manager in connected license mode again.

  • If SmartPlant Isometrics is running in remote license mode but is unable to confirm for any reason that it is running in that mode, the software automatically returns to connected license mode and attempts to obtain the licenses from SmartPlant License Manager. Smart Isometrics notifies you if it is unable to obtain licenses from SmartPlant License Manager.