Installing SmartPlant Isometrics Software - Intergraph Smart Isometrics - 2014 R1 (6.1) - Installation - Hexagon PPM

SmartPlant Isometrics Installation

Intergraph Smart Isometrics
Installation & Upgrade

The SmartPlant Isometrics product media includes the application files, the installation program, sample project data, and all the SmartPlant Isometrics documentation.

Sample Project Data

When you install SmartPlant Isometrics, the setup process also runs a utility called Create Tutorial Project. This utility creates a sample isometric directory (SampleIsoDir) that contains a sample project on the local drive. By default, the project contains a complete set of sample isometric styles that determine the content and appearance of an Isogen drawing, as well as sample material data and sample piping specifications.

  • Although a sample material database in (spoolgen.mdb) is delivered to the local computer during installation, this database is intended for instructional purposes while learning the software and is not recommended for real projects.

  • If you want to create a user-defined project, you must use the I-Configure software to define your specific project settings.

  • You can also run the Create Tutorial Project utility post-installation. For more information, see Install a sample project.