License Checkout Utility Dialog Box - Intergraph Smart Isometrics - 2014 R1 (6.1) - Installation - Hexagon PPM

SmartPlant Isometrics Installation

Intergraph Smart Isometrics
Installation & Upgrade

Specifies the product for which you want to check out a license.

Application Group

Displays the installed products available for license checkout. Select the product for which you want to check out licenses.

If the Application Group list is empty, your application requires an older version of the checkout utility. Please check your original product installation media for the compatible version of the utility.

Available Modules

Displays any modules or add-ins available with your product. If no modules appear in the list, either your product contains no supported modules, or no modules have been installed. Check the box beside the module for which you want to check out a license, and then click Check Out. If you want to check out only the base product, do not check any of the modules.

License Expiration

Specifies the date that you want the checkout to expire. When the checkout period for the license expires, the product returns to normal and connected license operation using the SmartPlant License Manager the next time you start the product.

For Smart Isometrics, you can check out a license for a maximum of 90 days.