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SmartPlant Isometrics Installation

Intergraph Smart Isometrics
Installation & Upgrade

Silent mode installations can be performed using command-line arguments executed from a command prompt, a batch file, or a third-party software deployment tool. Silent installations are performed with no user interaction or with pre-filled values that require minimal interaction. This section provides the setup command and describes the available command line arguments that you can use to perform silent installations for SmartPlant Isometrics using the setup executable (Setup.exe) delivered on the product media.

It is useful if you are also familiar with the usual installation process. For more information, see Install SmartPlant Isometrics.

Before you begin

Before creating a silent setup of SmartPlant Isometrics, make sure that the following conditions exist:

  • All prerequisites are loaded. The silent installation does not check for prerequisites. For more information, see SmartPlant Isometrics Hardware and Software Recommendations.

  • Any previous versions of SmartPlant Isometrics on the target machine have been uninstalled.

  • The target machine meets the free disk space recommendations.

Command-line install with arguments

setup.exe -silent -install SLAACCEPT=yes USERNAME=<name> COMPANYNAME=<company_name> ADDLOCAL=all PRODUCTFEATURESERIALNUM=<assigned serial number>

If any names contain one or more spaces, enclose the name in quotation marks. For example:

USERNAME="John Smith"

Required Arguments:

-s, -silent, -quiet, -q

Runs the installation in silent mode with no prompts.


Performs the installation.


Accepts the Software License Agreement for all users on whose computers you are installing the product.


Specifies the user name.


Specifies your company name.


Installs SmartPlant Isometrics and all of the associated products and tools.


Specifies the serial number provided by Intergraph for SmartPlant Isometrics only.

For more information about the associated products and tools installed with SmartPlant Isometrics, see SmartPlant Isometrics Tools .

Examples using command-line parameters

Example 1: Installation with Pre-Filled Values

setup.exe -install SLAACCEPT=yes USERNAME="John Smith" COMPANYNAME=Intergraph ADDLOCAL=all PRODUCTFEATURESERIALNUM=0123456789

This command-line example installs SmartPlant Isometrics to the default installation location, agrees to the license agreement, and registers the software to John Smith at Intergraph with a serial number of 0123456789.

Example 2: Silent Installation

setup.exe -silent -install SLAACCEPT=yes USERNAME="John Smith" COMPANYNAME=Intergraph ADDLOCAL=all PRODUCTFEATURESERIALNUM=0123456789

This command-line example uses the same parameters as described in Example 1, but installs SmartPlant Isometrics without displaying any prompts or messages.