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10.0 (2019)

From Update 23, HxGN SDx uses SDxWebClient as the web client site. The following applies if you are testing a SmartPlant Foundation Web Client site using a version of the software before Update 23. For the latest information, see Test the Web Client site.

  1. Navigate to the fully qualified name of the Web Client site. This must match exactly the Post Login Redirect URIs entered into Smart API Manager when configuring Web Client. For example:


  2. Log in to Smart API Manager.

    You are automatically logged on as a user in the Web Client as part of the group that has access to the Smart API used by the Web Client. This is as set up in your identity provider, such as SiteMinder.

If your Smart API Manager server is on a different domain from the SmartPlant Foundation server on which the API Services is installed, then you need to add the Smart API Manager server URL to the CORS entries in the web.config file for the Web Client site. For example:


<oauth issuer="https://samoauth.ingrnet.com/sam/oauth" requiredScopes="ingr.api" />

<cors allowedOrigins="https://SPFserver.ingrnet.com,https://samoauth.ingrnet.com" allowedMethods="*" allowedHeaders="*" exposedHeaders="" allowCredentials="true" preflightMaxAge="600" />