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This functionality was removed in Update 23.

The API Web Services are referred to as a Smart API in Smart API Manager. Smart APIs are RESTful web APIs developed by Hexagon PPM. All Smart APIs must be registered with Smart API Manager.

You can register API Web Services as a new Smart API in Smart API Manager by setting the following information:

Specify the URL for the Smart API service description

The URL to be added to complete the registration for Smart API Manager. For example, https://[LocalHost].[DomainServer]/SPFServer/api/v1/description


The URL location of the SmartPlant Foundation server. For example:


Service ID

The Service ID value generated by Smart API Manager when creating the Smart API.


The Secret value generated by Smart API Manager when creating the Smart API.

The type of authentication flow selected determines if the secret needs to be used to gain access to the Smart API, see Configure the application site.

For complete instructions on registering a Smart API, see Register a new Smart API.