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10.0 (2019)

You can configure the API Services to use Smart API Manager (SAM) to act as an external authentication mechanism rather than using Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) or named users in SmartPlant Foundation and SDx. For example, you can use Smart API Manager when you have external contractors that need authenticated access to the system. The following prerequisites must be in place:

  • API Web Services, Web Client, and Smart API Manager are all installed and configured.

  • Smart API Manager is configured to interact with an external identity provider, such as SiteMinder.

  • A Web Client site is created in Server Manager and uses a dedicated URL.

  • Administrators are familiar with all necessary IT infrastructure, security methods, and tools.

SmartPlant Foundation, SDx, and Web Client servers can be configured to use either HTTP protocol or HTTPS protocol for SSL, depending on your requirements. The examples shown in this document use HTTPS protocol.