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If you are upgrading from versions later than Update 34, you must also upgrade your Visualization Data Service (VDS) Server. The Graphic View Control (GVC) requires the VDS Server.

To upgrade the VDS Server:

  1. Uninstall previous versions of VDS Server.

  2. Backup your VDS Server settings files.

  3. Before beginning the installation of the VDS Server, you must ensure all prerequisite software for this version is already installed.

    For recommendations, see VDS Software Prerequisites and Requirements.

  4. Install the new VDS Server. It is available in the Additional Server subfolder of the product installation folder. For example, [Installation Drive]:\Program Files\SDx\AdditionalSoftware.

    For installation information, see Install and configure the VDS.

SHARED Tip If you need help configuring the GVC, see Configure the GVC view control.