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  • Improved Compare Documents as Text functionality

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    • You can now perform more interactive actions as opposed to it being read-only before. You can toggle the view of each file, expand or collapse same text and use basic document viewing features that we have to offer such as thumbnail page navigation, zoom and pan, text search, options for controlling layout, as well as downloading and printing a file.


  • You can now start the content extraction while checking in a file.

  • Fonts are retained when added or delivered fonts are modified.

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    • The "Update Web Client Site" option in Server Manager has been improved to retain any fonts that have been added or delivered fonts are modified. Other files that are not fonts will be copied over. This includes overwriting text files which are currently license informational files under the corresponding Fonts folders. This improves the deployment experience by removing the manual steps previously required to preserve fonts.

  • The icons for laser navigation have been redesigned

New Features and Improvements


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  • The Readme file lists all features available in the update release for the product. The Readme file is available with the setup.

  • Interested in upgrading to this update? Find out more at Upgrading SmartPlant Foundation.