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SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version
  • TR-AM-157610 Fabrication Workflow publish throws exception during PCF data publish.

  • TR-AM-149579 TODO List in WC not shows the workflow object's actions for config top objects

  • TR-AM-157316 Using a semi-colon in the password when creating a site makes the process fail

  • DM-AM-162009 Upgrade scenario for 'Suppress ENS' functionality in WebClient

  • DM-AM-162058 Clicking on Show My Submittals option gives fatal error message

  • TR-AM-160176 Web Client: Open in New Tab also changes current tab view

  • TR-AM-157756 'Extract All To Excel ' corrupts Data with Leading characters

  • TR-AM-158395 When Display Item is Mandatory Can Still Revise When Display Item Is Null

  • TR-AM-158709 In Web Client while creating docs sub classification expands all related docs

  • TR-AM-160228 WebGLGenerationTask failing for all files even if one file not present in vault

  • TR-AM-158085 Saving SDV header mapping with no changes is recreating a new Rel UID

  • TR-AM-159303 PropertyDef UID is regenerated when saving a SDV rule without changes

  • TR-AM-159914 Unable to delete latest revision with "selected query configs only" on

  • TR-AM-160272 3D Model reader can't preprocess vue filetype (+mdb2) in web client

  • TR-AM-160650 Listedit for document classification column item errors out in the WC

  • DM-AM-162059 Search results performance Improvement - WC split grid request

  • DM-AM-162060 Performance Improvement - Support for Count ONLY API requests

  • DM-AM-162066 GetToDolistItemsCountByConfigandClassDef called too may times in some cases

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