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You must have knowledge of these software technologies to use this Extensibility guide and examples provided.

The following technologies are used to implement Extensibility in the Web Client.


TypeScript — The programming language used to develop the Web Client. It is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to JavaScript. For more information, see

Angular — The framework used to build the Web Client.

Angular CLI — The command-line interface for generating, running, compiling, and building Angular applications.

Angular material — An open-source library that provides rich UI Components for Angular developed by the Angular team. Future iterations of the Web Client will be using components from this library. For more information, see

RxJS — A library used by Angular to make asynchronous programming easier. For more information, see

PrimeNG — An open-source library that provides rich UI components for Angular. For more information, see

Visual Studio Code — A lightweight IDE ideal for developing Angular applications. For more information, see

npm — A package manager for adding libraries to a project. For more information, see

Node.js — A javascript runtime environment. For more information, see


Jasmine — A unit testing framework. For more information, see

Karma — A test runner for running unit tests. For more information, see

Protractor — A framework for writing end-to-end tests. For more information, see