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The example parent application can be used to embed the Web Client and is located in the Embedded mode samples folder available from Smart Community. For more information, see Find sample data on Smart Community.

For the purposes of this example, the Web Client URL is To configure the example parent application:

  1. Log on to the Web Client

  2. Open the main.js file in an editor, and edit the clientDomain variable to

  3. Open the index.html file with an editor, and edit the iframe src value to

  4. Open IIS, and set up a new application that points to the embedded samples folder. For example,

  5. Open the application server Web.config file, and under the appsettings node add the following:

    <add key="FrameOptionsWhiteList" value=>

  6. Run the embedded Web Client by navigating to

    • If your browser tries to block the authentication pop-up, add the web address to the allowed list and refresh.

    • If you get any errors, you can view the error console for any details.

    • If the Web.config file is changed, you must restart the Web Client server for the changes to take effect.