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What can I do with Web Extensibility?

  • You can query the OData Services

  • You can handle token information for communicating with the OData web services

  • You can connect to third-party systems to display, create, or update data

  • You can use custom UI components to display data and show the loading indicator

  • You can add an action to the Web Client Actions menu and open it to display data or run a process

  • You can retrieve contextual information, such as selected objects

  • You can take snapshots of 2D drawings, 3D models, or laser scans using the View and Markup command.

Extensibility revolves around the use of SmartPlant Foundation methods that are implementing the WebClientExtensibility client API. The Web Client and an external application communicate securely using a wrapper library around the HTML5 postMessage API.

Each method must specify a URL to the external application. The URL is used in an iframe hosted within the Web Client (after undergoing sanitization and security checks, see