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The Sync Manager allows the user to:

  • Sync the Smart Completions database (users Project) to the device upon initial application configuration.

  • Allows the user to sync data down to the mobile device allowing for reference, execution when Offline (No WiFi connection).

  • The changes made at interface level in SaaS application are also available in the mobile version when synced.

You can select items (e.g. Documents, Tasks, etc.) to "Check Out" by selecting the checkbox in the C/O column in any of the modules.

Select the Keep Selected button in the left controls ribbon and then selects the Checkout Selected button. The Task is then sent to the Sync Manager ('Pending Sync' tab).

Select the Sync button to sync data (e.g. Task) down to the mobile device. The Task is now available on the mobile device and can be executed.

  • Sync any changes made while executing items (e.g. Tasks, Punchlists, etc.) Offline back to the cloud.

Select the 'Check In' button (once there is WiFi connectivity).

Sync to check in Task (with all its associated changes).

  • View Statistics for each Sync made on the device (this is helpful for understanding what was synced to the cloud and can help troubleshoot should there be an issue).

Select the 'Statistics' button to view sync details.

Select the Dismiss button to return to the Sync Manager.

  • Clear Cache on the mobile Device.

Select the 'Cache' button.

Select the 'Yes' button to remove cached data.