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TR-AM-164717 Timeout Issues - All Background Processes

TR-AM-165131 Imports significantly slower in larger databases after latest update

TR-AM-166185 Optimize TOP Export

TR-AM-163744 Unable to Create Job Cards

TR-AM-165028 Saved Export is not working for larger file (All Projects)

TR-AM-165067 vTasksDocumentsAll is timing out with large number of documents

TR-AM-165521 Optimize Query for Preservation Tasks

TR-AM-165160 Importing Custody Log failed SQL Queries & failed field Import

TR-AM-149074 Export P6 (PCT) Physical Location - Area (Summary) incorrect

TR-AM-166452 Icon of Saved Exports sometimes loads no gif image page

TR-AM-165035 Field logs not captured for Certificate creation

TR-AM-166385 vAsset Import with 15 rows & 20 Columns Performance Issues (Time-out/Slow)

TR-AM-160571 Notification Centre - PR Task Link opens Edit form Not task

TR-AM-162829 System/Subsystem not appending to certificate description as it did before

TR-AM-156837 Inspection Step Control Header - Blank in Smart Form

TR-AM-163294 Preservations - Scheduled Date no longer needs time calculation for Due Status

TR-AM-156823 Update Lock? Yes/No booleans in Task Edit Form does not work

TR-AM-162917 'New User' Email Missing "User Name"

TR-AM-149070 Inconsistent numbering of sub-steps (1.8 vs. 1.09) in digital forms

TR-AM-158043 Saved Reports – CSV/Excel Export kicks User out of SC

TR-AM-164932 Assurance Certificates – Completion tab – extremely long time for page to render

TR-AM-164299 Upload Utility Tool Start Watch button is disabling & QR Forms not uploading

TR-AM-165736 Client needs SDx Integration working in Smart Cloud

TR-AM-163820 Import Log is not showing the records count

TR-AM-163294 Preservations - Scheduled Date no longer needs time calculation for Due Status

TR-AM-165570 Pin Step lock feature not working in Preservation Tasks

TR-AM-165176 Planned Task manager - Inspection Points Tab Performance issue

TR-AM-164937 System Completions List and Subsystem Completions List Manager Slow to Load

TR-AM-164859 Task, by Assets Manager not Loading/Timing Out

TR-AM-166601 Upload Utility Documents - Uploading Files to wrong Document Name

TR-AM-166646 Punch Workflow - Reject State is not Being Removed when Workflow is Reset

TR-AM-167291 Planned Task Export not Working in Beta Test Sites

TR-AM-163778 Wrong results while selecting Execution Form Option for batch preservation tasks

This fix was done as part of Repackage:

DM-AM-168597 Imports/Overwrite Selection - Removing Data in SC if Import Cell Left Blank-U7.1