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User account-Extend Expiry date and update last login in reports

The user activity report displays latest login details of all the logged in users. If you are a system administrator, you can set rules for account deactivation or extension (for 30, 45, 60 and 90 days) depending on the date of last login.

Add %progress, "Actual MH" and Custom fields to Work packages

You can find the overall work package progress and customize up to 20 fields to add to your work package. The Smart Completions currently displays % progress in primary panel. It has both Man Hours(MH) based and WTV based. The actual MH does not effect %progress. It is a manually entered field to capture MH information for volumetric based steps.

Task Reset - option to NOT reset to TM & Lock Responsible Company in TM when updating

You can select the option Responsible Company to lock the data that does not need to be updated. This helps you avoid overriding of data within task steps.

Add Preservations as a Header Type and add PR Task Data as available fields

You can add customized header for preservation tasks by adding some settings in Tasks Model Header.

Allow all users to set their own views in managers where they have access

This feature enables you to sort, remove, add, or edit columns (related data fields) to the primary list view.

Allow Completions of Paper Preservation Task in the UI

Any paper based preservation task with a form linked to it can be completed/closed based on the pre-configured sign- off only after all the documents related to the same task are uploaded. An Upload attachment button is available in the action panel at the bottom to upload attachment/reference documents to preservation tasks.

Preservation Tasks - Ability to Import

An Import button is available at the bottom of the Action panel. It can be used to import Planned Preservation Tasks using a file.

Add 'Notify' button to the Planned Preservation Tasks Manager

The Notify button is used to inform users about any changes or modifications made to the tasks. This tab is active only when you select scheduled tasks (in secondary panel) for a corresponding planned preservation task from the primary panel.

Add restrictions to avoid data corruption issues in workflow settings

You cannot change the transition states while executing a smart form or any inspection step. The system restricts such actions. A warning message is displayed when you try to delete or modify any existing transition state.

Enhance Data Exchange to extract files from S3 Bucket

Users can configure Data exchange with document import template in order to upload any PDF files to the system. Documents associated with PDFs are one to one in Smart Completions. For every change in revision and when a new document is required the External ID field needs to updated in the document meta data.

Allow export of Certificate Task Steps/Answers, similar to CCMS Task Steps

Users can view all the steps associated to individual certificate, and other managers. By clicking on an in progress task model, you can view the relative certificate types shared by other subsystem with in a WBS systemization.