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TR-AM-164717 Timeout Issues - All Background Processes

TR-AM-163744 Unable to Create Job Cards

TR-AM-165067 vTasksDocumentsAll is timing out with large number of documents

TR-AM-165160 Importing Custody Log failed SQL Queries & failed field Import

TR-AM-165521 Optimize Query for Preservation Tasks

TR-AM-161987 Preservation Tasks not being instantiated with inspection points

TR-AM-162620 File sharing with selected users is not working in File Library manager

TR-AM-163170 Security Risk - Importing Users using import rights allows create admin accounts

TR-AM-164093 Smart Form Fails to Properly Render or Without Disclaimer

TR-AM-163193 Work Pack Steps not Updating when task is closed

TR-AM-163244 NOE - Documents tab is not showing Asset associated Documents

TR-AM-163774 SaaS - Application is not importing data correctly

TR-AM-163917 Work package steps are not getting imported through Imports module

TR-AM-163819 Task Progress Report is not showing the progress as per Step weightage

TR-AM-155172 vTaskDocuments Not linking documents to Planned Tasks using the Task_ID

TR-AM-158214 File Sharing Files 404 Error Message on MP4

TR-AM-159368 Deleting records through Import fails/Modified By Search filter fails

TR-AM-161177 Inspection Step Heading update in Dossier Procedure

TR-AM-163243 NOE Transition states are not captured properly in Workflow & Change Logs

TR-AM-162368 Executing handover package results in corrupt file (big size fails to download)

TR-AM-163495 Left Search Panel Non-Functional on Company Status Manager

TR-AM-163816 SaaS - Adding Disclaimer to Tasks removes the form logos

TR-AM-163817 Importing Punchlist workflow is not reflecting the Workflow Log tab

TR-AM-155072 Workbreakdown Tree Dependencies tab

TR-AM-155684 Percent Weight Feature not in all Progress Reports/Counts duplicated in some

TR-AM-158060 Loops/Packs - Checkout child tag tasks

TR-AM-159363 Punch manager - Rejection/ Cancellation comments not showing in workflow log

TR-AM-159599 Punches Duplicated in Export, but not in interface

TR-AM-159602 Scheduled Recurring Exports filters Project, but no Project selected in Export

TR-AM-161023 Created Date/By not captured in Field Log when imported

TR-AM-161060 PDF Smartform cutting off images added in Reference Image inspections steps

TR-AM-163142 Any Manager with Notify Button - Notification Email Editor not filtering Project

These fixes were done as part of Repackage:

DM-AM-165231 Imports significantly slower in larger databases after latest update

DM-AM-165610 Importing Custody Log failed SQL Queries & failed field Import