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Request for Information (RFI) is typically used when a company requires more information than provided in project documentation in order to proceed with a scope of work. In Smart Completions, RFIs are issued and answered within the Project Communications Manager. You can create custom workflows for how your RFIs proceed through the project.

When an RFI has been created and closed, subsequently opening the RFI will automatically lock or check-out the RFI to that user. This is to ensure that multiple people are not working within an RFI at the same time, resulting in loss of data. To release an RFI automatically after finishing work, you must click the Exit button from within the software. RFIs that have been checked-out to a specific user can also be released by an administrator.

RFIs can be linked to multiple assets within the system. In turn, these RFIs can be pulled into task headers (from the asset link), Work Packages and Handover/Turnover Packages.

Create an RFI

  1. Navigate to Project Communications manager and Click New.

  2. Enter the mandatory details and link them to the required Assets or Documents.

  3. Click Save.

When an Asset is tagged with an RFI, you can view the RFI details in Asset Manager under its secondary panel. Also, on exporting this Asset, you can now find a new column RFI that displays the RFI ID associated with it.