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Smart Completions Help

Intergraph Smart Completions

With the help of inspection steps, you can

  • Display tools, materials and resources in the smart form

  • Display tools, materials and resources in the rendered PDF file

  • Capture actual man hours and quantities for tools, materials and resources

The Smart Completions management system shows the actual man hours, quantities for tools and other resources used by the contractors. This helps to compare between the planned and actual figures while planning for future tasks.

Click on the checkbox to display the actual man hours, tools and quantities in the rendered PDF file.

Adding comments in a smart form

You can add comments when reject or accept options does not imply to a particular task. Choose the N/A button on the smart form in task manager.

Click the call out box under the Initiate/ Date column to add comments.

Limiting file types for upload

This feature is active only for digital forms where you have to upload images in the inspection step. When you upload any file to a task model, you are allowed to upload only the acceptable formats such as files with .png or .jpeg extensions. SC application restricts all other files with formats that are not supported by it for eg. .pdf files.