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This is a very powerful function and is a key differentiator for Smart ® Completions. The ability to configure your database into instances enables system adminstrators to create an instance per project, or an instance containing multiple projects. You can configure it as per your organizational processes.

For example, if you are an:

Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) : You can setup an instance for each client. Each instance has the taxonomies, equipment lists, test form standards etc., setup for each project they create in that instance.

Owner Operator (OO): You can create an instance for production site. This will have a master project containing the full systemization, tags, documents etc. In this case, if you have a shutdown project, you can use the project creation wizard to spin up a new project which would be a subset of the master project/site/systemization, and all of the associated tags, documentation, systemization etc., would be "assigned" to the new project. This dramatically reduces the efforts in re-importing and focused on "re-use" than "replicate".

It is important to understand that an "instance" is a silo of data in the Smart Completions database. If an administrator configures a set of disciplines etc., then all projects in the instance will use the same discipline configuration and does not change disciplines in other instances.

An example of how instances can be configured are: