How to use the Help Menu - Intergraph Smart Completions - 5.3.6 - Help - Hexagon PPM

Smart Completions Help

Intergraph Smart Completions

The Help Dropdown is available at the top right-hand side of the screen.

The options are:

  • Internal Support: Click here to obtain a list of administrators from your organization to contact for help or support.

  • Training: This link contains available documentation and training information.

  • Change Password.

  • Set PIN: Clicking this button will prompt the system to generate a unique PIN that is attached to you. PINs are used when executing digital checksheets in the field. A line on a form may you to enter your pin to unlock the line. Additionally, you may need a PIN to submit certain forms.

  • Change E-Signature: E-Signatures are only used on specific projects. If your system administrator has indicated that E-Signatures will be used, you can click here to create one.

  • About: This page will give you information concerning the version of the software you are using, including copyright information, Open Source Software used in Smart Completions, and policy information.