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Smart Completions Help

Intergraph Smart Completions

Once the TOPs are created, both management and lead personnel can access the TOP module to both download all the data and documents as configured. To download the TOP a user can select a single (suggested due to time to download packages) or multiple, and press TOP Package. This will automatically start a session with the web server to package up the TOP in the pre-configured folder structure and compile reports, Excel (.xls), and associated files.

The primary functions of the TOP module are:

  1. Provide user quick review of system or subsystem content

  2. Provide simple review of tasks, punches, certificates, asset and documents

  3. Compile TOP packages and download

  4. Compile Completed (Executed) Tasks into single PDF file, or ZIP file with individual files

  5. Download TOP associated documents (must select TOP docs, or documents tab only)

  6. Completion Calculation which will only update % complete for those TOCs associated with tasks, or punch lists

In order to reduce size of content downloaded, the TOP is compressed into a single WinZIP (.zip) file. The file when extracted is structured as configured for the TOP type. Any file greater than 40MB will be compiled on the web server and the user will receive an email with hyperlink to download the file once completed.