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Creating TOPs can be automated using the TOP “creation wizard” where an advanced user can create a TOP for each system or subsystem. Traditionally, a project would create a Mechanical Completion Package (MCP) that would be assigned to every subsystem that handovers content from construction to commissioning, and the commissioning group would develop Turnover Packages (TOP), at the system level, as a final turnover, including as-built redlined drawings to Operations.

Creating TOPs can be performed using various methods, the most common is to use the “creation wizard” and creating packages all at once at different systemization levels and phases/stages of a project. It is recommended that you develop a TOP for a system or subsystem and not process area, or plant as the amount of data and documents can be very intensive for large projects.

In the example below, we will create a TOP for each system:

Select the TOP type, so when TOPs are created it also creates all the pre-configured TOCs

Select the specific systems to create TOPs for. Each TOP will be automatically created and pre-filtered for content (e.g. tasks, punches, certificates, assets, docs etc.) based on the phase and/or stage selected and its associated system.

Once the TOP(s) are created they will have all the configurations as defined in the TOP type.

Updating TOPs is as simple as updating the TOP type and pressing “Replace Handover Content” which will ONLY UPDATE those TOPs of that Type, that are not Approved, nor Closed. The following options are available:

  • Override All: Update every TOP (of that type) with the pre-configured TOCs.

  • Override All that have not been Started: Update every TOP that has not been approved.

  • Update All Projects: Update every TOP in all projects within the same instance.

  • Update Only Current Project TOCs: Update every TOPs in current project.