Assurance Certificates Completion - Intergraph Smart Completions - 5.3.6 - Help - Hexagon PPM

Smart Completions Help

Intergraph Smart Completions

The process for Certificate Completion is outlined below:

  1. Once a certificate is ‘Completed’ Certificate Locking is enabled.

    Work Breakdown & Location Associations.

In order for Certificate Locking to work the ‘Work Breakdown Association’ and ‘Location Associations’ section of the Certificate Edit Form MUST be filled out.

Calibration Equipments

The Calibration Equipment Manager, has each record that can include a certificate of calibration. You can copy their calibration equipment from one project or instance into multiple other projects within the site.

In the Calibration Equipment Manager/ Test Equipment manager, Click New to add the instance/ project and equipment details along with the tagged assets. You can also attach the related documents for reference using option in the New section.

While creating the Hand over Package (HOP), this function also provides the option to import all the calibration documents associated to a particular loop and further export it.