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The process for Approving a Notice of Energization (NOE) is outlined below:

You'll receive both an in-system notification and an email to your address on file that the Notice of Energization (NOE) requires approval. Both of these notifications will have the datasheet, certificate and energization limit drawings attached.

  1. To open the electronic NOE, click on link.

    The NOE datasheet will appear with an "UNAPPROVED" watermark until approved by all four Approvers.

    Once you are satisfied that all the necessary documentation is attached and the physical work has been completed, select Approve.

Email Notification

The system may prompt you to create an email. These options are configured by a System Administrator, and can even pref-select the Address book recipients by workgroup or company (among other options). If the system does not prompt you to send a notification, you can always create one by selecting the Email Notice of Energization button.

Select the individuals you wish to send the NOE Approval notification.

Select the Create E-Mail button.

Notice of Energization Workflow

Select Workflow tab to see if the approval process has been completed. The NOE datasheet will now appear without a watermark.

Email the completed Notice of Energization

Once the NOE has been approved by all parties, forward an email for circulation of the NOE to other relevant parties.