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Non-Compliances are to Preservations Tasks as Punchlists are to CCMS Tasks. Like punchlists, non-compliances can be created during the course of completing a preservation task. For example, the task model for the preservation can be configured to automatically trigger the creation of a non-compliance when the answer to a question equals "Reject." You can also create a non-compliance independently of a task.

Navigation: Completions > Non-Compliances

Description of fields:

  • Description: If the non-compliance was created from a task, this line will be pre-populated. This field is required.

  • Type: These can be configured in the Non-Compliance Type manager.

  • Discipline

  • Work Category

  • Workgroup

  • Responsible Company

  • Responsible Person

  • Priority: This can be configured in the Priority Types manager.

  • Action Required

  • Systemization/Location information

  • Action Taken

  • Scheduling Data: Start Date and Due Date

On additional tabs, you can link Documents, add images or make use of our custom fields.

In previous versions of this software, you could only add two images (As-Found and As-Left), and these were located on the General tab of the non-compliance. Smart Completions now allows you to add as many images as necessary, and it has been moved to a separate tab.

Click in the field to expose an upload option.