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Closing of completed punchlist or COW items is done within the Punchlists Manager. Make use of the available filter/search options available to identify approved punchlist or COW items that that need to be closed in addition to the other filter/search criteria (i.e. Location, Subsystems, Disciplines, Responsible Company/Person, etc.).

The process for closing completed Punchlist or COW items is outlined below:

  1. Once the required punchlist or COW item(s) requiring closing is identified, select/highlight the punchlist or COW item and click on Edit, or click on the Punchlist ID hyperlink. This will open the Punchlist Edit Form.

    Close punchlist or COW item.

  2. In the Punchlist Edit Form, review the Action Taken field populated with remedial actions that were undertaken to rectify the punchlist or COW item. Select the CLOSE or CANCEL COMPLETION button to update the status of the punchlist or COW item.

    E-Mail Notification.

  3. If either the Cancel Completion or Complete button is selected, an E-Mail Notification dialog box appears.

  4. If an E-Mail Notification is required, click Create E-Mail.

    1. This allows the punchlist or COW item closer to notify affected personnel (i.e. punchlist or COW item originator) via e-mail that the punchlist or COW item has been closed.

    2. A list of client representatives will appear for selection.

      1. If the individual is not listed in the E-Mail dropdown list you can select the Show Address Book checkbox to load all users in the Smart Completions database.

      2. Select the user(s) you want by checking the boxes, then select Create E-Mail button.

Link PL Status

This is an out of the box feature added to provide smooth closure of punch lists. When a punchlist has some tasks (rejected or in PL state) as per their risk assessment there could be two scenarios:

The default status is set as No

  1. If you set Link PL Status to Yes, The status of the critical punch list would differ from the task status. They would show their as is status.

  2. If you set Link PL Status to No, The status of both the critical punchlist as well as the associated task will display the same status.