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The Smart Completions-CCMS Punchlists Manager module is used to manage the administration of a collection of punchlist and carry-over-work items that need to be performed throughout a Project's Stages i.e. Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), Mechanical Completion, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up/Handover.

Smart Completions-CCMS Punchlists Manager is the interface used to track, record, control and report punchlist and carry-over-work items that includes rectifying incomplete work, damage, non-conformances, non-performance, incomplete equipment, sub-systems and systems.

Terms and Definitions


The punchlist is an itemized account of outstanding items that require correction in order to meet the conditions of a contract. A Punch or COW item can be created independently (stand-alone) or generated during execution of an existing task, such as a field installation check (FIC), or inspection test record (ITR). Each punch or COW item is created, submitted for approval, approved, completed (meaning issue has been resolved/fixed) and then closed (verified by approver).

A punch or COW item will include the following items, to give detailed information about the punch or COW item and responsibility of that punch or COW item:

  • Description

  • Discipline

  • Priority (which will set the due date)

  • Assigned company and workgroup, a responsible person may also be assigned

  • If needed, the user can upload a punch item image

A single punch or COW item can be generated on a "punch item datasheet" or multiple punch or COW items can be shown on index (list), summary (counts) and forecast (due date) reports.

The process for accessing the Punchlists Manager is outlined below:

  1. To access the Smart Completions-CCMS, open your company's website (e.g. http(s)://projectURL.com).

    Login using the credentials given by your System Administrator.

  2. From the Menu select Completions > Punchlist & C.O.W. Tracking.

    The Punchlists Manager opens.

  3. To display the list of Punchlist or COW items, click on the Search button.

    The Punchlists Manager loads all Punchlist and COW records.

  4. The Punchlists Manager Interface allows several filter options. The punch or COW items can be filtered accordingly, as per the filter functions listed below:

    1. Location and Process

      1. By Physical Location

      2. By Process Area Systemization

    2. General

      1. On Hold Punchlists

      2. Punchlist ID, Description, Discipline, Work Category (Phases), Priority

      3. Punchlist workflow statuses

      4. Asset related to punchlist

      5. Tasks related to punchlist

    3. Documents

      1. Document Name, Description

    4. Work Dates and People

      1. Responsible Company, Person

      2. Created/Originated, Completed, Closed By.

      3. Created/Originated, Start, Due, Completed, Closed Dates

        For example, to show a list of Discipline - Mechanical Punchlist items created for Plant (By Process) that need to be completed by Responsible Company, select filter options as shown and then select the Search button:

        Punchlists meeting the filtered criteria will be loaded in the Punchlists Manager.

  5. The View Panels allow a user to see information such as:

    1. As Found/As Left Images.

    2. Punchlist ID

    3. Datasheet

    4. Task

    5. Asset Pack

    6. Loop

    7. Asset

    8. Etc.

  6. Select the required punchlist or COW item by clicking on the row in which it is displayed. This will populate the punchlist or COW item details.

    The Details tab within the Punchlist details pane displays/provides information such as:

    1. Action Required to complete the punchlist or COW item.

    2. Location by Process or Physical of the punchlist or COW item.

    3. Action Taken completing the punchlist or COW item.

    4. Responsible and scheduling information ie. Company and Person, Due and Completed dates.

    5. Close/Verified information of the completed punchlist or COW item.

      View Workflow State by Colored Bubble Icon.

  7. The Coloured Bubble Icon assigned against each of the punchlist or COW item indicates its Workflow Status. A legend indicating the workflow status color is displayed by hovering the mouse pointer over the bubble icon.

    Additional Search/Filter options.

  8. Additional Search/Filter options allow a user to search for Punchlist or COW items by:

    • Pending Closing

    • Were on Hold

    • Still on Hold