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Intergraph Smart Completions

For paper-based execution, all work packages can be compiled into printable documents. You can choose to create one large pdf, or you can download a zipped folder with each section of the work package split into different files/folders. The structure of the latter is similar to Handover/Turnover packages.

All Tasks included must have their Planned Smart Forms generated. If a task does not contain a rendered Planned Form, then the task data sheet will be inserted instead.

Calculate Progress

Firstly, add the work completion percentage in the newly added column (% completion) in the Work Package main panel. A new tab Calculate progress has been added to monitor the efficiency and work progress using Man hours (MH), WTV as base.You can find this tab on the bottom right corner of the work package steps window. This feature can also be used to track progress for Hand over package and is displayed on the smart forms pertaining to the work package progress or completion.

Adding Calculate Progress Tab to WP editor

The Calculate progress tab helps you to find the overall work package progress. This can be computed using the % Man Hours and % WTV hours. Also, you can customize up to 20 fields to add to your work package.

This feature is displayed on the mobile applications (both Windows and iOS).