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Intergraph Smart Completions

The Work Packages Manager is designed to manage the development, scheduling and execution of Project completion. Work Packages compile all tasks, their associated documents, punchlists, and other data for assets/loops/packs. They can be compiled ad hoc, or determined by systemization or physical location.

Work steps comprise each item of work to be completed in a work package. They can be task-centric or volume-centric. Volume-centric steps are measurements that are not associated with an already created task. For example, if the step simply requires the field user to document the amount of concrete that has been poured, then a task model is not required. A configuration in the Work Step Type Manager will be used instead. Volume-centric steps are hard-coded and must be imported into the system. See Work Step Volume Types r for more information on mapping and importing.

Configuring Work Steps for volume-centric steps can be complex and will require in-depth training. Please contact your designated support representative to discuss your project and needs.

A Task step links an existing Task as a step in the Work Package. To create these, you must create a Task Model and a Task within the system. This work package can either be compiled into a paper package to complete in the field, or the tasks can be completed digitally on the iOS application. Work packages are not currently available on the Windows Application, but that functionality is coming soon.

A work package includes:

  • WP ID, Work Description, Category

  • Steps, which can be Volume-Centric or Task-Centric

  • Punchlists

  • Tasks / Checklist

  • Tools / Materials

  • Workgroup and Resources

  • Documents

  • Work Package Smart Form