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Clicking New will open the Job Card Creation Wizard. The Wizard allows you to create a large number of job cards at the click of a few buttons. If you choose one of the auto-creation options, the Wizard will load additional tabs. In this example, we'll create a Job Card for each System and Discipline.

General Tab

  • Task Assignment: Most Job Cards will choose only unassigned tasks that fulfill the filter criteria. This means that if a task is already assigned to another Job Card, it will not be assigned to this one. There might be situations, however, in which transferring tasks from one Job Card to another is desired. For instance, if remaining work has been assigned to a different workgroup or contractor, you may assign all non-started or non-completed tasks that already belong to another job.

  • Job Creation:

    • Create Only when tasks can be assigned: if a particular subsystem does not have any existing tasks created and assigned to it, then no Job Card will be created. Only Systems/subsystems (etc) with existing tasks will generate a Job Card.

    • Create always: In some situations, the Job Cards may be created before all project tasks have been created. It's possible to create place-holder job cards for tasks that will be created in the future. Some of the Job Cards will be empty, if this option is chosen.

  • Job Card ID Generation: Choose your own ID or let Smart Completions auto-create one.

  • Job Data and Task Filtering: The software will automatically filter by Discipline, Systemization and WBS. You can add optional filtering by Responsible Company, Contract ID and Task Type.

Select Systemization

You can further filter the criteria to create Job Cards for only select Systems/Subsystems. Because this example chose to create a Job Card for each System and Discipline, only the Systems are required in the below example. If subsystem was chosen, it would also be a required field.