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The Asset Preservation Plan Manager is designed to assign, schedule and track "preservation plans". A preservation plan is a collection of preservation tasks to be performed on a piece of equipment either during its shipment and/or storage on site prior to its installation. The intent is to ensure equipment warranties are being met and are not voided. The preservation module provides traceability and provides reporting on who and when each preservation task was performed.

A preservation plan is comprised of a collection of preservation tasks. Each task has a collection of preservation steps/actions, start/end dates, frequency and assignment to specific company and work group. When a user executes a preservation task, they are executing an "instance" of the preservation task. During the execution of the task, the user will identify if there are any items that are not compliant with the preservation task requirements. In this case, non-compliance is created and immediately routed to appointed personnel so that they can take action.

A preservation task is best created as a task model for a particular asset type as recommended by the equipment vendor. You can create a preservation task model identifying the steps, tools, materials and frequency of the task. You would assign the task model(s) to equipment. It is common that the equipment vendor will require two (2) different preservation tasks, one designed to preserve the equipment during shipment and the other to maintain its integrity during storage. In this case, the two tasks would be staggered. The shipment preservation task would have a start and end date, whereas the storage start date would be the end date of the shipping preservation task.

Using the Notify Tab

This tab is displayed in the secondary action panel. This tab is active only when you select scheduled tasks (in secondary panel) for a corresponding planned preservation task from the primary panel. Notify tab is used to inform users about any changes or modifications made to the tasks. To send this information, click the tab and select an email address from the email addresses list. Click Create Email to send an email. You can use this option only when the Next Scheduled Tasks tab is selected. If any other tab in the secondary panel is selected and you try to access the Notify option, this message is displayed.

This feature is available only for Planned Preservation Task Manager and Asset Preservation Plans Manager.

Using Imports Button

An Import button is available in the bottom Action panel. It can be used to import Planned Preservation Tasks using a file. To import a file click the Import button and click the upload button to upload the import file. Click Next to proceed to field mapping and importing the Preservation Tasks.