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Smart Completions Help

Intergraph Smart Completions

Before Creating a new Management of Change (MOC) record, make sure that you've configured the MOC Categories, including (if necessary) the Smart Form Questionnaire. If you need to assign a custom workflow to all MOCs, search for vMOC in User Application.

To create a Management of Change (MOC), complete these steps:

  1. Open the gear icon and search for MOC, or Project Controls > Management of Change (MOC).

  2. Click New.

  3. The Category is required. Priority and Impact can also be added. These options are managed in the Priorities and MOC Impact Levels managers, respectively.

  4. The system will default to a permanent change, but you can change the designation to temporary.

  5. The Proposed Change and Reason for Change fields are not required out-of-box, but you can configure them as required in the User Application manager, if necessary.

  6. You can attach files for reference or as-found/as-left.

  7. Clicking yes for Assets? or Documents? will cause additional tabs to appear on the record.

  8. Remember to Save.

  9. If you've pre-configured a Smart Form for the MOC Category, then click the Generate Form at the bottom of the record to add the tab.

Other Tabs

The Assets and Documents tabs will only appear if you choose them on the General Tab. The Smart Form tab will only appear if you have added an MOC Category with a pre-configured questionnaire and you have clicked the Generate Form button on the MOC. Any RFIs can be added to the record from the Comments tab.