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Intergraph Smart Completions

Each module in Smart Completions has a "Reports" tab which will expose all the available reports. Each report can be printed in Adobe PDF format, or can be exported using the Microsoft Excel (.xls). Only user with the export right will have the ability to export, where they can select the desired fields they wish to export. If they do not have these rights, then the XLS icon will either be disabled, or hidden from the interface.

When you wish to generate a report, there are a variety of reports available. There are typically index reports, which list content in a very flat manner. There are status and summary reports, which are more complex reports, that have count sections with %’s and then sub-reports that list content below the summary section.

The following reports are available in the Assets Manager:

  • Assets by Systemization w/ Priority

  • Electrical Equipment Grounding by Systemization

  • Asset & Tag Index

  • Asset & Tag Index (Created)

  • Asset & Tag Index (Deleted)

  • Asset & Tag Index (Modified)

  • Asset Tags to Asset Type Assignment Index

  • Asset Tags to Asset Type Summary

  • Electrical Equipment Grounding by Location

  • Cable Index

  • Document Assignment Index

  • Electrical Equipment Grounding Index

  • Electrical Equipment Index

  • Electrical Motor Index

  • Electrical Motor Index with MCC

  • Instrument Calibration Index

  • Instrument Index

  • MCC Source Index

  • MCC to Equipment Power Source

  • Mechanical Equipment Index

  • Asset Assignment by Location

  • Piping & Line Index

  • Piping w/ Associated Valves & Instruments Index

  • DCL/PLC Index by Location

  • DCS/PLC Index by Subsystem

  • Location Breakdown Structure - Areas

  • Process Breakdown Structure - Systemization

  • Asset Summary by Location and Discipline

  • Asset Summary by Systemization and Discipline