How to create a new Asset - Intergraph Smart Completions - 5.3.6 - Help - Hexagon PPM

Smart Completions Help

Intergraph Smart Completions

Asset and Tag records create a foundation of data in your System. When entering an new asset tag, there are a few ways to perform this function. Depending on how Smart Completions was configured, the following options would be exposed to the user:

  • Create from Blank.

    • Electrical

    • Mechanical

    • Instrument

    • Pipe/Line

    • Cable

    • DCS/PLC

    • Any blank asset

  • Copy an Existing

  • Create Using Tag Creator

Smart Completions is populated with Engineering Data and is often imported. The tag creator is used when it is faster to manually create one tag that to create a spreadsheet. The tag creator is still an advanced function and only intended for trained users.