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The Master Tag List (vAssets), is the primary Tag Registry in Smart Completions that manages tags and assets of all disciplines. It includes parent/child relationships, technical specifications, document and drawing associations, and OEM information. The Assets can be queried by systemization, location, and control system structures. It also contains general and advanced searching capabilities where "like" can be queried, and you can edit the results individually or through batch editing.

The Master Tag List can be populated using the import manager, where over 500+ fields can be imported. This module is used to track all changes (by every field) to each tag, identifying who, when and what value was the field changed to. The "Tag" is the most important record in the database, as everything links or flows from this record. Each Asset is assigned a Discipline and Asset Type.

Smart Completions tracks all physical assets, soft points, and also fictitious tags such as buildings, structures, areas, systems, or subsystems. These "Tags" are used to assign project and plant personnel to identify something in the field or on an engineering document.

Asset content managed in Smart Completions includes (but not limited to):

  • OEM and Design/Operating specifications

  • Associated engineering, vendor or supplier documentation

  • Parent/Child Relationships and control associations (e.g. loop)

  • Location and Systemization (e.g. gas compression, compressor 1 subsystem)

  • Location association (e.g. building, area, line, or cubical)

  • Tracking of inspections, grounding reports, calibrations, non-compliances

  • Package Tags (e.g. cable drums, cable packages, pipe packages)

If an asset has been assigned specific asset types, additional tabs will appear in the record. For example, an asset assigned the Instrument Asset Type will display a tab with additional fields that are common to Instruments.