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Intergraph Smart Completions

While you will add most documents through imports, you can also create individual documents manually within the software. You can create a blank document, copy an existing document, or use the Tag Creation wizard. The last is not used frequently, as most documents are provided from a different system.

When creating a blank document, these fields are provided:

  • Document ID is required.

  • We recommend a description.

  • Revision is required.

  • Category. If you use Categories, you must have already created them when importing.

  • Type: Please configure these before importing or creating any Document records. If you are manually creating a Document, you can create the Document Type by clicking on the dropdown.

  • Discipline: These should also be defined before creating any Documents, Assets, etc. The Disciplines create links between records, enable searching and better reporting. If Disciplines are not defined, please do so before creating Documents.

  • Project: Every Document must be assigned to any Projects that will use it. This assignment determines whether it will appear in dropdowns and searches in other managers within a project.

  • Native FIle: upload non-pdfs here. Be aware that users without access to some programs will not be able to access these files. For instance, if you upload an AutoCad file, only users with AutoCad installed will be able to open the file. It will be housed in the database regardless of access, though.

  • PDF file: upload pdfs of any line drawings, P&IDs, Installation Instructions (etc.) here.

  • URL: If you use a different program to house your Documents, you can upload the URL to each, specific document into this field. Within the Document manager, users can click this to fetch the latest Document from your system. Be aware that all users will generally need login credentials to the external site to be able to access the Document.

  • Location/Systemization toggle: If the Document has been assigned Systemization or Location data, enter it here.