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Every organization must use a standardized naming convention for controlled documents. Using a naming convention allows for unique identification, traceability and alleviates duplication.

  • Each Document must have a unique ID.

You can assign a Document to more than one Project. You cannot, however, assign two documents with identical IDs that represent different native files. If you have two projects - and they use the same ID for different (actual) documents - you must distinguish between them through a project prefix or suffix. These unique identifiers can be eliminated in exports/Handover/Turnover packages later in the project lifespan.

Documents fall under five basic categories:

  • General related Documents,

  • Equipment related Documents,

  • Isometrics including Steam Tracing Isometrics,

  • Electric Heat Tracing Isometrics and

Instrument Segment Diagrams. Most organizations organize their document naming using specific category codes for each type of document. Please see your facilities Standard Operating Procedure on Document Naming for more specific information.