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The Documents & Drawings Manager contains an index of Documents. The term "Document" is applied to any type of document, drawing, procedure or illustration. Each document can be assigned to any Asset, providing you with a complete set of supportive Asset documentation.

Depending on the configuration of Smart Completions, certain document types can be set as "Controlled Documents". Controlled Documents have workflow that allows Approvers to access the Native files (like AutoCAD, Visio, PPT, etc.). All other users (who are non-approvers) can access only the PDF version of documents. This process controls access to the source document so no changes are made outside of the controlled environment.

Using the Documents & Drawings Manager as a Controlled Document system, means:

  • Users have limited access to files

  • Controlled Documents have version control

  • Controlled Documents have expirations strategies

  • Controlled Documents have revocation and workflow, meaning the document must go through submittal and approval on any and all changes to content.

How to Create Controlled Document Types

Certain document types can be flagged as controlled documents, so that all documents of that type have the workflow process. This is configured in the "Document Types" manager. When a document editing form is opened in this manager, approved editors have the ability to select whether a document will be controlled or not. This form also allows users to assign if the document type will require "Task Steps" and "Procedures". By simply selecting the YES bubble and saving the document type, it is flagged as a Controlled Document, and initiates the workflow tab in each document created in this type.

What is a Document Workflow

Once a Document has been created, and the Document Type has been selected as a "Controlled Document", users can utilize the workflow tab to track documents. From the originated stage to the approved stage, users are able to track the status and progression of each Controlled Document.

From this tab you can see who created, submitted, verified, and approved the document, and on which date each task was performed. Additionally a "Change Log" is included for users to track changes to the documents.

From the Document & Drawing Manager homepage, users can quickly identify the status of controlled documents by viewing the colored bubble located to the left of the document name. They can also hover with mouse over the bubble to see current status.

No Color means Uncontrolled Documents or newly Created Controlled Documents will have not color.
Yellow means the Controlled Document is Submitted.
Light Blue means the Document is Verified.
Green means the Controlled Document is Approved.
Grey means the document has been Rejected or Revoked.

The Documents & Drawings Manager tutorial gives you more information on roles and responsibilities within the Controlled Document environment.

How to generate reports

The quickest way to generate a report is to search for the documents from the "Dates and People" dropdown. By selecting who created the document and when, Smart Completions efficiently narrows a large number of documents to a much smaller number.

After the search has compiled recently created documents, click the Report Tab. It opens a list of reports to generate. You can select reports from the list, or use the "Report Name" search field at the top of the page to narrow down your search. Click the PDF or Excel Icon next to the specific report to open.