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The User Application Manager allows the System Administrator to make site and Instance level changes to each of the Managers in the software. This includes turning on/off certain Managers, assigning roles and rights to perform actions within a given Manager, and creating custom Workflows (where available). Because changes to this Manager can cause site-wide changes, only high level administrators are granted access.

There are over 400 records listed in User Application, though not all of them are managers. User Application will also dictate rights for actions that are not associated with a Manager. For example, Smart Form rights are determined by vTasks_TestsCompletion. There is not a manager associated with this, but users must have a role with rights assigned here to submit a Smart Form in the Planned Tasks Manager. We offer pre-configured roles out-of-box. If you need to configure custom roles, it is possible to do so. We highly recommend contacting Smart Support for assistance, if you choose to do so.

Navigation: Configuration > User Application > Filter for Manager you need.

General Tab

Most of the fields on the General Tab should not be changed. However, this is where you can turn off a Manager so that it is unavailable to add as a button or to a menu dropdown.