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The Field Log is available in two different methods:

  1. Field Log Manager (only available for specific system administrators.)

  2. The field log tab in most managers.

The Field Log Manager displays a list of changes to the database records: which field was changed, who changed the field, and when it occurred. The administrator can also restore data from here, either on an individual record or through batch Restore.

Viewing Field Logs

The Field Log Tabs are in the secondary view panel in each Manager. It will display changes made to the record selected. For example, if you select an asset in the Assets Manager, you can select the field log tab to display data changes for that specific asset. To view field log changes in a manager, follow these steps:

  1. Select an item from the primary panel

  2. Select the Field log tab on the secondary panel to review the data changes

  • In most of the modules Filed log changes are displayed as a Secondary tab

  • You can delete or restore a selected value by using the PURGE/RESTORE tab