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Importing a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for a Project can expedite the creation and updating of the WBS items (a.k.a. phases, stages). Since WBS items are much less than systemization structures, we recommend that the interface is used to develop the structure. If there is a lengthy list of WBS items (say > 15) then importing the WBS phases, stages and activities can reduce time to create.

It is important the systemization XLS file have the following columns:

  • Project Summary (project ID – project description)

  • Work Breakdown Number

  • Work Breakdown Description

  • Work Breakdown Level (Type)

  • Work Breakdown Parent Summary (WBS no – WBS description)

  1. Smart Completions has a template import file that can be found in the Import module for the Process Breakdown Import. A user can cut and past their plants, process areas, systems and subsystems into this template. By doing this mapping fields will be automatic.

  2. The Process Breakdown Parent (Summary) column is mandatory in the XLS file you are importing. If the column does not exist the Microsoft DLLs will get confused and not import the parent nodes like Plant.

  3. It is suggested that the Process Breakdown Number is unique for each node. The reason we require the Parent column to be a summary is for the fact that some projects require the re-use of the Process Breakdown Number and what makes it a unique node is the combination of the Number – Description.

  4. In the case the project requires renaming of existing systemization nodes, use the different import view (see Process Breakdown Renaming)