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Importing Companies can expedite the creation and updating of the manufacturers, vendors, consultants and suppliers. When importing a company list, it is important that each company is assigned a Type such as manufacturer, vendor, supplier, owner/operator. We assign a type to a company as when Smart Completions populates a Manufacturers list, we query all companies that have that type assigned.

Companies are grouped into the following types (but not limited to):

  • Manufacturer

  • Vendor

  • Supplier

The following columns should be in the Excel file:

  • Company Name

  • Company Description

  • Company Type(s) List (types separated by a ",")

  • Project Summary List (types separated by a ",")

  1. The items below can be BATCH EDITED through the user interface and is likely the fastest simplest way to add information to the respective companies imported.

  2. A Company can have multiple TYPES associated with it. For example, a company could be a vendor and supplier so in the Company Type column, the cell should have a "Vendor, Supplier" so that when imported the company will show up in the vendor and supplier dropdowns.

  3. If the Company is a vendor that services instrument and electrical equipment, the XLS file should have "INST, ELEC" in the DISCIPLINES, and "Vendor" in the Company Type column.