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Intergraph Smart Completions

The process for importing an Asset List is outlined below:

  1. When importing asset tags, make sure you have the Discipline associated with each tag, or import the tab in the discipline specific import (e.g. vAssets_Instruments, or vAssets_Mechanical).

  2. The user would typically create the list of asset types prior to importing the tags. An asset type should have an abbreviation and description (e.g. PP in one column, and Pump in another column).

  3. The user would add a column in the asset list to assign the asset type to each tag. The column would include a summary field, which is the name + description. For the example above, it would be PP – Centrifugal Pump. Smart Completions uses the combination of an asset type name and description as that makes each tag type unique, as many tags could use "PP" in their tag name, but there are differences in pumps, like a metering pump and a vertical pump.